Game Perceptions: Pokemon Y



Game Perceptions 2

Game perception: Pokemon Y



In my opinion this is one of the best Pokemon games so far with updates to the entire game that managed to give the player a whole new kind of experience without destroying the basics that the main Pokemon games have always brought players coming back. One thing that was apparent to me right off the bat however is that this game was made with the intention of drawing in a new group of Pokemon fans but more on that later in the review.

Perception 1: Tailoring Towards the Younger Players

Now right off the bat I know most of you are thinking “bro its Pokemon it IS a kids game.” I get that and I’m not complaining. First off very early in the game you’ll notice a huge change to an item that’s existed since the original Pokemon games. The EXP. share now instead of just sharing experience with the Pokemon that’s holding it you simply turn it on or off and it shares the experience with the whole party and from what I have tested it doesn’t even reduce the amount of experience the battling Pokemon receives but this is still unconfirmed. another point in the game that clearly removes any difficulty is the fact that on the side of your regular starter they let you pick between the three original starters, as well as just handing you a Lucario so they’re basically just handing you “mega Pokemon”. the last point i want to touch on is the complete and total lack of difficulty. at no point in the game did i ever even lose one Pokemon in a battle against a gym leader which did get rather irritating.

Perception 2: The new Pokemon

first off I need to point out that this game has the lowest number of new Pokemon in the history of Pokemon adding only a depressing 69 new ones. None of the new Pokemon are even that interesting, this was the first time I really didn’t want any of the starters because they were all terrible. Now let’s talk about the god awful fairy type… so I understand that dragons where overpowered and needed some kind of counter but I have a problem with a Jiggilypuff one shooting a Dragonite meanwhile the Dragonite can’t even hit back cause fairies are completely immune to dragon type moves. I mean honestly why did they have to make the counter to dragons something as stupid as fairies!? and now the fairy type is the over powered one and badly need a counter especially since their weaknesses and resistances don’t make any since at all.


Perception 3: Mega Evolution

I have very mixed feelings on this. I mean it completely goes against things that have been in place since the original Pokemon but it is pretty cool. My main problem with it is the Pokemon like Mawile that don’t even evolve normally that get mega evolutions because the point of a mega evolution is to push the bounds into an unimaginable power but how can you do that if the Pokemon hasn’t even reached a third stage yet. another big annoyance comes with the completely over done models I mean a lot of the mega evolutions just take the Pokemon that’s evolving and covers them in spikes. I also feel as though the mega evolutions should have a special set of moves that are exclusive to that Pokémon’s mega form because right now it’s nothing more than a stat increase and a cosmetic change. so i think the concept could work but they just need to revamp it a little. but at least mega evolving doesn’t take up your turn so you can still attack.


Perception 4: Overall

Overall they did a very good job updating all of the game mechanics to mesh with the new 3d game play. the new character models for the Pokemon look better than ever finally moving away from the sprites and replacing them with actual three dimensional figures. not that I use this feature anyway but the actual amount of “3d” usage in this game is depressingly minimal especially compared to most other 3ds titles. All in all i would highly recommend this game to any Pokemon fan it really is a lot of fun and the actual game itself was made very well (just not the new Pokemon haha).

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