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BlizzCon 2013 has come and is almost gone in a quick blink of the eye. Like always Blizzard has their own convention which every year occurs. It’s more or less a press release on their part but it also serves to celebrate their past with fan boys and girls while also showcasing their (Blizzards) future. It’s almost always looked forward too by fans of the company.

And some of us here are fans of either the older games or the newer games or from both kinds from Blizzard games (whatever they maybe). But what strikes me is how every year everyone forgets that  Blizzard hosts this two day event and yet several games in the past few years have claimed to be the WOW killer yet for Blizzard W.O.W has continued to live on.

At this year Blizzard again brought out an upcoming expansion for World of Warcraft. Yet this year unlike the past, old fans from Vanilla and new fans alike are excited for the upcoming expansion.  And why shouldn’t they be?  The new expansion: Warlords of Draenor looks really intriguing. The Expansion is essentially an entire break in the fabric of time allowing players from the present day Azeroth to go to Draenor in the past and face enemies from both Warcraft I (which was an MS Dos Game) and Warcraft II before the Orcs were corrupted via the Burning Crusade (Demons).  These Orcs are the original ones, their skin is a reddish brown and they are still warlike but are fueled by their own animalistic urges and not by demonic taint.

Not only are old enemies returning but old heroes too, but it wouldn’t be completely all fun if you only went against old enemies that fans of the series have already defeated, nay there are new enemies and of course new dungeons, raids, added contents and more.

This expansion is finally updating the original race characters to look as detailed as the newer ones which is nice. Not all of the assumed or supposed content has been let out even as of the writing of this post, yet one that was has caught my particular attention:

The Garrison

One of the newer features added which I feel brings the game world and series to a complete full circle. The Garrison is an advanced form of the personal farm from the Mists of Pandaria expansion.

This time, as it sounds you have a garrison (fortress/castle etc) But unlike the farm, in this expansion you can invite players to see your well township. It’s a complete RTS style add on, but like other mobile games it will continue to work, gather resources and do basic things while your away or even signed off.

You can traverse the real world and place your garrison somewhere in that world (on the world of Draenor) , while questing in the world you can encounter npcs that can become followers and help in your town.  This added content alone makes me want to join again and go once more into a portal to save the world.

For more in depth information on the Garrison head here:

You can also watch trailers on that website which is Blizzards Main site if you’re a World of Warcraft or just Warcraft fan.


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