Game Perception: Bodycount

Game Perception: Bodycount



Game Perceptions 2



                So I bought this game a while back impulsively cause my main genre is shooters and I figured from the name there would be a lot more death then most shooters (sadly it’s about average). The game itself looks very nice but does occasionally run into some frame rate issues (on the PS3 version at least). The game also tends to get repetitive using each map twice and constantly recycling objectives from previous levels. However the game makes up for any faults by being a strait up trophy gold mine which is perfect for trophy… collectors like me and if not then well the faults will be visible like shining gold.


Perception 1: Graphics

                This game is right on par with other major shooters which is a nice surprise given it’s a rather unknown [game]. however it does run into frame rate issues several times throughout the course of the game but its only really noticeable if you’re using an assault rifle because you will just hear your fire rate take a dump.

                 Most of the levels are designed very well and often give you the choice between a high road and a low road but this game shows extreme laziness on the developers part by re-using most of the maps twice for two separate missions the only exceptions are the levels inside “Target bases” but they still all look the same so they might as well be the same map.


Perception 2: Game play and mechanics

                This game boasts a lot of strange mechanics that take a little getting used to. One such mechanic is the aim/zoom mechanic that literally just zooms in on the cross hairs rather then staring down the sights but that’s just a minor annoyance the real problem comes with the inability to walk while zooming in. Another prominent annoyance comes with the weapon selection mechanic: unlike every other shooter you can’t just pick up guns that your enemies dropped instead you have to swap weapons at “weapon swapping” locations which are only at the very beginning of some missions. The last issue I have with the game is only minor to me but could be a big deal to other players and that is the complete and total lack of a sniper rifle. I’m guessing the lack of a sniper rifle is just due to the lack of a “normal” aiming system.

Due to the fact that you can’t pick up enemy weapons the ammo that drops is universal so once you pick the weapons you like most you can keep using them and never have to worry about running out of ammo or having to switch to a weapon that you hate using. There’s also the upgrades you get from the “Network” for completing missions. And after each kill a meter fills up just a little bit and once filled you can activate one of the four abilities. They  are; adrenaline which increases movement speed, explosive ammo, air strike, or an EMP blast that renders enemies defenseless. The last mechanic I want to talk about is becoming more standard among shooters but it still deserves a mention because not all of them have it, and that is: fully destructible cover, which makes it a lot easier to kill enemies not to mention making the game a little more realistic.


Perception 3: Story (Serious Spoilers)

                First the story is confusing and technically never wraps up so if you are currently playing this game and waiting for one of the many questions to be answered I got some bad news for you. At the beginning you’re dropped into a country in west Africa that’s in the middle of civil war but you’re not on either side. In other words both the military and the resistance will shoot you. A few levels into the game you stumble upon the first “target” base. Apparently the “target” is the enemy cooperation of the “Network” which is the company you work for. Now let me pause for a moment to explain that they never actually name the “Target” organization.

Later in the game the main antagonist (some never named female) expresses her surprise for any “Network” remnants because allegedly her organization wiped out the network,  she also states that the woman that talks to you via com device the whole game is just using you but these stories where never further explained. Somehow the antagonist managed to get a computer chip in your brain that was poisoning you once you figure it out the girl that talks to you says “well figure out how she did that later” and it was never even hinted at again so that was a huge WTF!? in the story.

Shortly after that the girl has to go into hiding cause the “target organization” is coming after her and….then you never hear from her again. Now the final unanswered question which was: Where they setting up for a possible sequel here they could explain everything? It clearly looks like they did by showing a world map with the locations of several “target” bases. But Unfortunately these questions will probably never be answered due to the fact that the chances for a sequel to this game are very slim to none.

Perception 4: overall

                Overall this game is short and lacks creativity in some areas but it still is a relatively fun shooter and I would recommended this game to any hardcore shooter fan or anyone looking for really easy trophies (got 25 just for beating the game) like myself. But I personally wouldn’t pay more than 15 bucks for it…


“Our intelligence suggests the target datacore is located in the nexus hidden somewhere on”


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