Horror Halloween Bash Week – A World in Kingdom Hearts 2




Now I know what you’re thinking, or maybe thinking; “Kingdom Hearts 2? How is that scary???” Honest answer is that it’s not, but it and its predecessor both hold a great world relating to Halloween. And so there you go…
Halloween Town

Halloween Town based off my favorite Disney movie: Nightmare before Christmas, which itself is a meld of my two favorite holidays. So I guess it’s not hard to understand that it’s my favorite world in the Kingdom Hearts Series.  I guess what really does it for me is the well Halloween theme and the immense detail that went into not only the movie but subsequently the world that recreated that movie awe and wonder that it gave me.


Another thing , this world while dealt with monsters never felt creepy or even horror related due to its art style despite what all the characters represented (not including, Sora/Donald/Goofy) and should I ever meet such characters in real life I’d probably, well suffice it to say I’d need new underwear.


I love the mix of darkness and childlike wonder that fills Jack Skeleton, and the fact he yearns for something both deeper/meaningful but not the same monotonous thing even I can appreciate. But sadly he is not my favorite Kingdom Hearts supporting character.


Another thing I remember from this world happens to be how awesome the treasure chests looked, to the point I wish I had one even if only on a 1/5th scale. I know that’s a little random but they are pretty epic.
I know this one was short, and I know you don’t want me to go, but don’t worry I and the Rest of us at ONS Gaming, will always be here for you, as well as will always be gaming with you even when we’re not playing. How? Of course were magical that’s how…


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