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Clock Tower 3

Welcome to Ame-chan’s corner of hades err hell. That’s right the Queen of Horror Gaming is back to help out The ONS Gaming group and set the bar higher for this their inaugural Horror Halloween Bash week, while it’s exciting to be back and to be a help for this event ONS Gaming is about Gaming so let’s get to it!

[see corner of hades]

Ame-chan's Corner (somewhere in the Constantine Hell apparently)

Ame-chan’s Corner
(somewhere in the Constantine Hell apparently)

This game is an excellent, buy, and play once all the way through kind of Horror game. Going back to replay it over and over is beyond agitating due to the fact the controls can be so annoying. The controls of this game [utterly suck] they take forever to learn them and may hell forbid if you stop playing the game for a few weeks and forget them.


Like a Wii game before the Wii was conceived!

Like a Wii game before the Wii was conceived!



You spend most of the game completely weaponless though you do have some holy water its limited and only stuns enemies. Dodging the ghosts while exploring is the only way to find mementos and thus using the mementos to put them (the dead) to rest. Simple concept and would be straight forward if yet again the controls were well better.


The first ghosts you meet/encounter are ‘restless spirits’ these require an object to lay them to rest.

The second is a ‘Key Spirit’ a person that is killed by a subordinate and need their memento to be laid to rest. And the third and subsequently the most annoying ghost/ghoul of course happens to be the monstrous Subordinates who are immortal due to their evil deeds. When you finally get the key spirits memento per the level, the level’s subordinate become attack-able as their source of immortality (the tortured key spirit) has been laid to rest. Finally we get a weapon to defeat the subordinates and it’s a spiritual bow…weapon. Yay!


Subordinates are based on peasantry fears as well as actual killers in history.

Subordinates are based on peasantry fears as well as actual killers in history.

The fighting style sucks even worse than the controls do though that’s probably because this is the first Clock Tower game in the series that’s not a point and click adventure. In fact this game has nothing to do with the original Clock Tower game and has little connection. Though they both are horror games.  



All in all its best feature I must say is the storyline. It’s what kept me playing through this survival horror game. You play Alyssa Hamilton a 15 year old school girl [Japanese love terrified school girls] seeking her mother all the while finding out as she goes through the game that she is a ‘Rooder’, girls who exterminate/lay to rest spirits and evil beings torturing those spirits. Her mother before her was one, and it is her mother who transfers her ability to Alyssa. As the story goes along each area brings Alyssa closer to finding her mother and to stopping the man responsible to these horrible actions that all take place in a pseudo-timeline putting/projecting the events and the spirits all at a boarding house that Alyssa grew up at.


The man who is ultimately responsible does everything out of pride and lust for power.



All in all… While not being terribly horrifying from my point of view the characters were well developed and the plot keeps you going even through the crappy controls and lack of weapons. I loved this game when I played through the first time… the second time not so much but it was fun and I still recommend this game to any Survival/Horror fan out there.

Who are you running from? I just want to be friends, here let me show you my mallet, he like’s faces…


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