Horror Halloween Bash Week – Chronicles of ONS Gaming



A Horror Halloween Bash ~ Chronicles of ONS Gaming!

It’s time to get a little more info on some of the “staff” of ONS Gaming.
We here @ ONS Gaming have been working on a Minecraft server so inevitably we have come in contact with “The Enemy” Lets hear about the most hated enemy of some of ONS Gaming:



I’d say my most hated would be the skeleton archers, they suck. They can attack from darkness and sometimes you just cant tell where they are when mining, so they get a few cheap shots in before you can end them. Not withstanding Creepers but there are mods to make them… tolerable.



Creepers, I hate creepers. Not only are they silently stalking, but they always seem to find me when I’m on a cliff, even in broad daylight and then proceed to explode and launching me from said cliff face unto an untimely brutal death. It really sucks gathering my stuff and then getting back to where I was.



I’d have to agree with Jon, while skeletons are a little annoying… with practice you too can be a Legolas in Minecraft, so you can negate skeletons. But creepers are annoying whether or not your server/game uses mods. Creepers maybe severally understood creatures but I still dont like them, no i wont give you a hug; I’m sorry but there’s no way this will work despite being green which is one of my **secret** fave colors (outside of the standard three that I hold).  Creepers just annoy me in as I am really creative and I don’t like seeing my creations completely wiped out after i spent hours. Even when there is a mod to negate the world damage these ‘hell-lings’ create they still do a good size damage in their psychotic kamikaze attacks.



I’d have to say I don’t have a most hated as I don’t hate the enemies I dislike creepers sure, but I actually balance that dislike with a severe like of Endermen. I like following them as if I’m a kid or a kitten, meandering along with them as they are really peaceful so long as you don’t stare; they are self conscious and its not nice to stare.

Always here to remind you, the creepers, they are a' coming

Always here to remind you, the creepers, they are a’ coming  -B.T


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