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Assassin’s Creed is an historical action adventure “stealth” based open world game that was released on November 13th, 2007. I must say I was 2000 and late, (specifically 2013) with getting this game. While I apologize for the bad joke it is never-the-less true. I’m not a huge action based gamer thou I do dabble in them from time to time. I typically tend to lean towards RTS and RPG games but just as they say: “don’t put all of your eggs into one basket” a gamer should also try and branch out from their typical main genre.

I did not get into the Assassin’s Creed series until Assassin’s Creed 3 was released. It’s pretty surprising considering this game and it’s others are historical fiction, and what’s better than reading or watching a story unfold?  Well playing through a story making it unfold with your actions and there by living through the story in a more connected way would be better and so it is with this game and the others in the series.


This game was developed by a multicultural team; Ubisoft Montreal and portrays history fairly balanced  between the different groups in this game but what gets me for this game is the locations and the actual groups I can target, I mean I already know the history of the Third Crusade, as well know of the four other crusades to the Holy Land as well as the other crusades that were named and several of the crusades that weren’t targeting the Holy Land but I didn’t get to experience them really until now (before anyone starts I know this theme has existed in other games prior such as Stronghold: Crusader).

While it is not the best game out of its series it’s also not the worst in my opinion so far… now I’m only half way through Revelations so I really can’t pick which is the worst, in my opinion for the main series and I haven’t touched one of the off shoot games not on the main consoles. But for this game I can see why people stayed away from picking up Assassin’s Creed II after playing this game.

The games graphics are well done, and the scenery to be found throughout this game is breath taking of sorts when it came out (now since rendered obsolete but the newer games in the series). The graphics however were/are not a cause for people not playing this game; many hardcore gamers will or should agree graphics don’t make a game, though it’s true that it’s easier to hide design flaws and issues with story amid shiny realistic graphics.


What made this game an issue for some people would the repetitive game play or repetitive story… telling, I’m not quite sure how to exactly put it, though in either case I suppose it’s a little bit of both. In each area you must gather Intel to then be able to ask to be able to assassinate your target assuming you gathered the three or more required Intel per assassination then you may target your… target.  Only problem is every new area/ every main target you must do this… rinse and repeat, it’s almost comparable to the RPG staple of level grinding. Each target furthers the story a bit, making you question what’s going on, but also as a way to regain your lost honor.

As far as the story it’s centered around Altair ibn La-‘Ahad, or Altair the son of the bird (or no one) [Ibn in the Arabic language means son of, and was used to denote lineage, much like the western world’s usage of last names. In the ancient world important people often times were important or noble simply due to their fathers being important or noble.]  Altair was at the very start of the game a Master Assassin however due to a mishap in the beginning of the game he is demoted to the rank of recruit. All throughout this game you are given each mission to fulfill your redemption.


Ironically enough you are tasked with the assassination of nine key individuals, targets of interest. Like I said before you have to do intel missions in each area related to the target to attempt the assassination of these individuals (whom are all Templars though you/Altair aren’t completely told this up front)


Interestingly as it is; nine ‘French’ Knights created the Knights Templar after the first crusade.

Altair is a few targets down, told by his mentor that they are of the Knights Templar, and that they wish to control the world and save it through controlling the lives of everyone every day, and in doing so they continued over the entire course of human history to cause many issues of war and such and so forth all for the sake of that vision with indulgences for their own greed or profit on the side. The order of the Assassins are the enemies of the Knights Templar as the Assassins prefer to indulge on freedom, allow the growth of free will and the progression of ideas and individuality through ‘natural happenstance’.

  Being an Assassin means you must make safe free will, you must protect your kin, and everyone’s right to free will at the very least stop the Knights Templar and every iteration of their group.

Being an Assassin means you must make safe free will, you must protect your kin, and everyone’s right to free will at the very least stop the Knights Templar and every iteration of their group.

The story is for the most part its strong point as it is in the other Assassin’s Creed games, but for me the Desmond additions to the story(stories) break too much away from the “actual” action that you play through, and make the story that unfolds (from the past) well past tense. So the majority of the story isn’t truly happening right now it happened long ago and that’s a cardinal sin in writing. Fortunately, as it’s a video game we are able to be exposed to the past as if it’s current but every time we need to learn about Desmond… we are pulled away from the action and story we are wanting to play.

 Desmond’s Story for me could have been cut out and I would have found this and every game I have played thus far to be a better game, I don’t need some sort of alien race that were there before us and would have saved us form an event that will occur soon to have been added into the game and chopped up the past tense story. If it was solely ‘these guys are bad guys, they do this because they want to rule the world, we are assassins and are their mortal enemies trying to stop them’ I would have been more inclined to have bought this sooner. Despite my dislike for that story/part of the story, it is a more creative way to string the games along, and also gives a finite [read: end] to the story and the potential game world. So in that I have accepted the Desmond parts and have seen they were very well done.

This game had a few other problems, such as simple or moronic AI, silly or stupid means to avoid guards or attention of guards (hiding as a monk) while you looked similar to them even a moron in real life would notice the guy they were chasing just grouped into a bunch of monks as no monk in the western world that I can recall of carried multiple blades/or weapons much less even one sword [not speaking of the Knights Hospitaller which were another monastic type military order.]

While playing sometimes my camera would glitch and targets would sometimes slightly disappear, or in other instances I could see into the buildings or scenery which happens in many older games. While those issues occurred rarely they did occur for me which means similar glitches may have occurred for others and that says the game was not completely polished.

This games worth playing if only to make sense the later games, though you can pick up the series at Assassins Creed II  (which i recommend playing) and still understand for the most part all what’s going on.

Considering the issues, the story, the fun, the history, the… all of it? I’d have to give the game a 6.3 out of 9 Knights Assassinated

Considering the issues, the story, the fun, the history, the… all of it? I’d have to give the game a 5.5 out of 9 Knights Assassinated

OR  a 60/100


I have as of this post played this game for: 15+ hours.


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