Game Perceptions: Armored Core Verdict Day



Game Perceptions #4

Game Perceptions: Armored Core: Verdict Day



So let me start by apologizing for missing day one but this game is such a carbon copy Armored Core 5 I was have a hard time finding stuff to write about. Honestly for the most part this can act as a game perception for Armored Core 5. But without further delay lets jump into this.

Perception 1: What Happened to Armored Core?

Armored Core has been one of my absolute favorite game series since I first played Armored Core 2 back on the early days of the ps2 and since then they have kept the game pretty much the same up until Armored Core 4 adding just enough to each game to keep it interesting then the ps3 launched and the developers decided to “reinvent” the Armored Core series (Armored Core 4). At first I was very skeptical, but I must say that the reinvented Armored Core 4 gave me answers to the questions and met expectations such as where an overwhelming success in my opinion introducing a much more fast paced combat along with an over shield. Then comes along Armored Core 5 and Armored Core 5: Verdict Day which screwed up everything that was reinvented in the fourth game. First and foremost the combat UI is terrible there’s no way anyone not playing on a giant TV will be able to see their armor points (health). Second the combat system in general sucks; weapons are completely unbalanced… not giving you enough ammo to complete most of the missions, the controls are confusing to say the least and if you skip the tutorial kiss your ass goodbye in combat. Then they completely remove shoulder weapons instead they give you shoulder mounted hand weapons that you can switch to what the hell. Now the ultimate part that pisses me off the most: these two newest games shove online play down your throat making it so a lot of missions are impossible to complete by yourself and this comes to be a problem to a person like me who doesn’t have a lot of friends on PlayStation especially when none of them play Armored Core (so what now they want me to advertise to my friends?).

They did try and remedy this issue by implementing a “mercenary system” which allows you to hire another player to join your mission but good luck finding a mercenary sometimes much less a good one. What they really need to do is either implement an npc mercenary with the skills of an actual  player or have a “solo” campaign with reduced difficulty for one player. The only cool thing they added was “ultimate weapons” and “weapon arms” but they even messed both of those things up, the ultimate weapons are strait up confusing it’s never clearly explained how to activate them but once you figure it out they’re a nice addition to the game. And as for the “weapon arms” the developers are trying to pass these off as new to the game but they’re just modified versions of weapons that have existed since the first Armored Core the only difference is now they “transform”. All in all Armored Core has one downhill and I hope they’re done making games in the Armored Core 5 series and fix their mistakes with the Armored Core 6 game(s).


Total Wreck… fitting for this game

Perception 2: Graphics

Graphically this game is great however it’s still a carbon copy of armored core 5 so I have to give the same accolade to that game. the explosions look very realistic as well as I enjoy how the screen glitches when ultimate weapons are active do to “overload”. Other than that there isn’t much to be said about the graphics do to the fact that nothing was updated.


Perception 3: Physics

This was something that truly bugged me about this game there was a complete and total lack of a destructible environment. I’m sorry but there’s an issue when the same series had games with destructible buildings back on ps2 but here we are a month from the launch of ps4 and you can’t use a more realistic physics engine?  Also the controls felt very sluggish there were a lot of times in both Armored Core 5 and Verdict Day where controls where either delayed or completely unresponsive.

Perception 4: Overall

Overall this game along with its predecessor are a complete disgrace to the series  and I truly hope they’re done with the Armored Core 5 series and either completely rethink things or return to a similar game style to the Armored Core 4 series. Bottom line only get this game if you’re a diehard Armored Core fan but even still the only way you’re going to get full enjoyment out of this game is if you have at least one other friend that plays this game…


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