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A Game of Views.

Now before I get into it I must apologize that this one is late, normally that doesn’t happen but I’m still just now getting back into things after being so ill. So hopefully you don’t hold it against me or us. Second thing I need to get out into the open is: I’ve not yet finished the story on this game*. What this means, is simply I’m not going to spoil the ending for you. Even if I had finished the story already I’d still not ruin it for you anyways.

This game much like its related other games by Rockstar Games is so large or expansive rather in the possibilities that I probably will never finish it. That is a good thing that ads to the replay value as well as gives an answer to the question when ‘what do I do when I don’t feel like furthering the story’ syndrome kicks in; anything.

But pause for a second, originally I planned for this to be out yesterday however being a day late means that we are all a day wiser, and let me tell you that’s a good thing, if you didn’t already know. It allowed me to play a bit more. Now this game came out in the middle of the month or rather two days over the middle of the month I was fortunate it enough to pick it up a day after its release (due to illness) and here we are at the end of this September  with a fun game.

Back to the basics, now the game is like the others, it is a sandbox/open world action adventure. It is made by Rockstar North, and published by Rockstar Games, and continues on with the traditional third person view such as the other modern predecessors were. This game is as well as the others steeped in a world of crime, violence and degradation but unlike the past games it hits much closer to home and is far more realistic.


Many of you have already heard and it’s not secret knowledge but GTA 5 has made over a Billion dollars within its first week of being released and that’s amazing. I believe that its realism lends to that gained revenue, as well as the fact that this game’s map is based on the San Andreas game map. While the map is similar, the city does have general things that were in the San Andreas game, it is also a far more detailed world in this game than that one, and anyone who has played San Andreas as much as I can easily see the correlation and details pulled from the previous game (Played and beat San Andreas story Seven times).

What this means is that they didn’t have to spend a year or more on mapping out the game, they took an already established base and went from there and were able to spend more times to polishing gameplay, mechanics, scripting and graphics. And did they ever… This game looks how I think the first series of games more or less will look like on the next gen.  The game engine runs for me anyways very well. The vehicles in the game are superbly detailed and realistic to the point I have seen comparison videos and they are almost exact. Still can tell they are in a game by the background and characters but still the vehicles are really well done. Weather mechanics and the Water in this game are great as well with the water being phenomenally done well.

GTA 5: Scuba diving is definitely on the cards

I’ve heard from some that they don’t like the realism, despite asking or seeking it in other games. They dislike the realism added to an already close-to-home game. Crime, gangs, killings, theft and more that occur in this game and its series counterparts also occur in real life on a daily basis and they find it unsettling anyone could get enjoyment out of it. I understand this but, this game while is about that stuff they really aren’t. Maybe I should explain it like this; this game while it is about that stuff in a way they aren’t the key point that is being made. An easier seen example would have to be Zombie Movies/stories, in a Zombie story (least a good one) it’s not about the Zombies but rather about the people/survivors in the tale as well as society as a whole in context.

You know, this game it’s a true successor to the other games of Rockstar Games, it has pulled elements in from Red Dead Redemption (of which I love), L.A. Noire (of which I liked) and Max Payne (of which I’ve had not as much experience with). It blends all of the positives of these games as well as that of the GTA series and makes an entertaining game.

So I’ve talked about the feel that this game is a successor, I’ve talked about realism and graphics as well as my introduction to this game with a late start. But I’ve got to come clean I had some reservations on this game, see I didn’t enjoy GTA4, I did however enjoy they GTA4 Episodes from Liberty City stories however but GTA4 made me worry about this game I mean they really made the cellphone an integral part of the gameplay and I didn’t like that as much.


It’s true that all of the games phones have been integral to them as this was a means to get missions through them  that was all you did, didn’t have to worry about socializing on much harder to trace pay phones…. But I digress, GTA5 does have heavy usage of a cellphone but it’s again more realistic and unlike in GTA4, I’m not being called every 15 minutes real time to come do something with a “friend”. No GTA5 put that fear to rest when I spent an hour just driving around crashing into cars and randomly punching people and causing general devastation just for the hell of it and not even one phone call occurred, true I got 3 texts but hell sometimes I get like 50 in an hour and I know of some people in the ‘real world’ that texts many times more than that in an hour… and texts can be ignored without getting a penalty…

Much like the previous games this game mocks society, and mimics it and I just eat that up. The fake products that are spread throughout the game, as well as the hilarious commercials and radio shows are just golden. Like some of the other games this one uses real music from our world and plugs it in to this one and they have a mini catalog of each genre of music that can be found playing in any random car driving down a street. Jumping back to the realism for  a second; the main characters of this game will sometimes say something to the likes of “ what the hel-“ and then will switch the radio to a different station and say “that’s much better”. Which is so… realistic, hate to say it but there are times something comes on the radio stations I like and I’m like “uhm…. No” before switching the station.

Finally we get to the characters. Much like older Rockstar Games… games this one has entertaining characters, some are relatable and some are not. Some are likeable and others you’d like to see pushed out of a flying jet without a parachute. (Sounds more like a mission from San Andreas… Wait what? It was a mission? They did that to CJ!? Come on he was a likeable almost blank slate…) However unlike the other games this one had Three main characters of which you can and will have to bounce around as. And every time you switch between a character when not in a mission and they are right next to you the game alludes to the fact they “exist” outside of your actions (even though they kind of don’t due to ‘real life syndrome’ or even Schrödinger’s cat paradoxical thought experiment)


Franklin, Michael and Trevor all happen to be more realistic and uniquely different than the other main protagonists of the past games. Each has their likes and dislikes and talents as well as preferences and each act accordingly. Franklin is just a ‘kid’ trying to get out of the streets into the big time and make dough to impress ladies. Trevor… well he’s a psychopath that’s very anarchist and could care less about life his or others. Though sometimes Trevor shows depth with seemingly caring for ‘innocents’ that sometimes is hard to tell if he’s being truly caring or just an inconsiderate sarcastic as-hole. Michael Happens to be a middle aged father, who is trying to keep his life together while also find enjoyment in another boring existence… His family are like a typical dysfunctional family and he handles it by spending time alone and drinking.  Like I said, each is different and I like that. They aren’t blank slates but you can customize them like in GTA4 or San Andreas.

This game has so much more to offer and is so… interesting that you need to pick it up and truly play it for yourself. At times this game has made me think of real life and will make me do so again. As well as I’ve correlated it to movies I’ve seen like Heat or Reservoir Dogs and the like.

"I want to talk about Heat... anyone?"

“I want to talk about Heat… anyone?”

I’m going to leave this one un-scored officially until I can finish it but as of right now I’d say 9-9.5 seems to be how it’s going.

I have as of this post played this game for: 7+ hours.

*I have since beaten this game; as for a score: Get it, I am moving away from the numbered system due to it’s flaws. This game is great and gives the option of three different endings.

Since completing this game I have as of this post played this game for: 18+ hours.


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No, seriously. Thank you for checking us out. Check out some of our other stuff while you're here.

No, seriously. Thank you for checking us out. Check out some of our other stuff while you’re here.

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