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B.T. Here, and back in action after being attacked by a vicious viral infection… but enough about that lets get back to it shall we? I want to welcome you to a ‘new age’ Nostalgic Glasses, the previous ones were of really old games, the kind that yes your parents may have played. This one however is going to be about a game that came out in the 90’s.


Now I know we said we would be putting out a GTA5 review, and we will be doing that this week but before that I wanted to do a little retrospect as it were on the beginning series game. GTA, and oh how I missed the days before id was required to buy games. When I bout GTA I also bought GTA: London, and GTA2 and all I had to do was hand cash over now-a-days the issue is the convenience and annoyance it causes when someone has to pull out their license so it can be scanned while people behind you have to wait longer. And what information do they gain from that scan exactly?


Anyways, we often don’t remember or play old games even though we can find enjoyment out of them. I know this isn’t the first time I’ve said something to that line and I know I’m not the first person nor will I be the last but it’s true. GTA or Grand Theft Auto came out in 1997/1998 as a sand box action adventure game. In this game much like the other GTA games you get to play an mostly amoral criminal who can run around and do whatever they like for the most part (more so in the later games).


DMA Design developed this game, but you and I all now know them as Rockstar North. Unlike the GTA’s more commonly talked about the series’ first while still vulgar, violent and hilariously quirky this one had levels, specifically three. Each level was a single city, and in each city there are three factions you can work for. The cities themselves are played out in later games; Liberty city, Vice city, and San Andreas.

While the GTA game and the other games are about crime, hard lives and the darker side of reality. These games parallel mock and mimic current day real life. And I find that intriguing. This game is top down as is the London ‘mission pack’ and GTA 2, now while GTA 3 had the option to play top down it was harder and annoying whereas when GTA and GTA2 do it it’s…it works. The simpler graphics make it. Because of the simpler graphics it has not aged as well as some other games but then again it’s not aged as bad as others and it certainly doesn’t look like the Crypt Keeper from Tales from the Crypt.


My only current issue with this game is when I go from a new GTA say San Andreas, or the Ballad of Gay Tony or even GTA5; the controls are annoying to get use to although it still isn’t a deal breaker. All in all this game is fun. Pick up, play it if you got it and if not try and find a copy of it and see if it’s any bit of entertaining to you as it is for me.

Oh top down...

Oh top down…


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