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Hi and welcome to another post from ONS Gaming. This one’s by me Amaya a friend of ONS Gaming, you may see me from time to time as I give my look on games that went under the radar as fast as they came. Though some games just seem that hard to be remembered about when they first appear….maybe the following game, Remember Me, has something to do about that.

Remember Me, published by Capcom and developed by DontNod entertainment, stars a spunky heroine named Nilin who finds herself launched in the middle of a memory war between the infamous memory hunters and the Memorize Corporation. Her involvement becomes the catalyst that determines the outcome of everyone’s memories.


What makes story so intriguing is that within this world, memories have become as accessible to our finger tips as data and they can be used or manipulated as freely as say as something like a bicycle that one can ride. However the downside to be able to look around deep in another’s whole life leads to unforeseen consequences of what a person could do with such power, especially out of the public’s view.

Cue Nilin who wakes up having all her memories wiped and as she is being dragged deeper into what appears to be an “asylum.” This is where the game first starts in and we begin to see the darker side to what having access to memory manipulation can do. From there we meet our “guide” and leader of the Memory Hunters, Edge, who gets us (Nilin) out of this facility and off to the city where we begin to remember along with Nilin what she has to fight for, and what everyone is not realizing.


Now from the start I will say this: this game is beautiful and as you progress throughout each chapter you can see what the team of devs at DontNod has done to immerse you into the world.  All the little details that you come across in the world, from all the graffiti on the walls or the denizens in the city to the information you gain from the hidden Mnesist memories, the world feels believable enough to make you feel like you are in Neo Paris.

 Not all of this fantastic world is truly intractable, and can be the main annoyance anyone could find when playing this game. If more time was given into developing the game and making it believable, beyond the surface, you would really have a gem here. As it is, but for what it does have, it offers enough to allow the plot to run smoothly.

 From here the mechanics of the game begin to show through. You have only 3 real different phases: exploration, combat and boss fights. The exploration is similar to the uncharted series in the flow of traversing through the environment, though with addition of an orange indicator that you have to follow can be a double edge sword. You have a better sense of where you need to go, and avoid many pointless deaths. However you can’t go anywhere BUT where that indicator is at, though with some leeway.

 And that is a key part, is that some of the more interesting things about the game is hidden unless actually look at your surroundings. If you’re like me and have the “got to collect them all!” syndrome, then this may frustrate you as the orange indicator and the gorgeous environments will trick you if you aren’t looking around. But hey who needs to look when they can fly high then fall on their ass half the time!


No seriously you do…..a lot.

 Moving on there is the combat and as hyped it was originally, it is a hit and miss. Throughout the game as you defeat enemies, you gain experience which in turn unlocks Pressens. These Pressesns act as ability modifiers to your combos: giving you increased damage, health regen, faster cool down on your special moves or a super massive boost to one of the 3 different ability modifiers. Each Pressen is coincided with a different punch or kick and the resulting comes you will produce will not only be stylish, but each combo can produce results that make no two fights ever the same throughout the game.

The combat is fun and you will have a blast figuring out the different ways you can not only use your powers to manipulate the enemies but the way the enemies can flank and outsmart you due to you not paying attention to what they are doing.  This alone won’t take away how fluid the combat can be and you won’t feel things stagnate between all the different fights.

 My biggest gripe with this though is that the combat could have been so much more. There’s only enough Pressens to keep things fresh before you find your same optimal combos. At that point combat will soon to become a repetitive besides the boss fights and you’ll rather be watching the plot then slog through the combat.


 Mind you, the selling point of this game is the plot and while not the most earth shattering (I am looking at you BioShock Infinite) it does give you an eerie feeling of what memory manipulation can on another mind and what it means to have that kind of power over another individual. Another way of pointing it is, if you had the ability to teach your friend a lesson for not paying you back the money you owe, is it right to simply make them forget the best day of their life for revenge?

 The music that accompanies every portion of the game (the plot, the environment and the combat) the overall quality of Remember Me becomes even more pronounced. It is some of the best tings about this game. It will take some time to get use to listening to it, as it is unique, but eventually without it, the game would fall flat on its face.

 Now what happens when you’re done with the game?

 Well there is a game plus save and you can use your old saves to find all the stuff you could not find before. Also all those discoveries do end up helping you unlock the goodies within the extras the game has to offer, which it is interesting to see the different models on the characters and the art that was produced for the game.

 But there is not much that can bring you back.


 And thus I conclude that while Remember Me takes action in a unique direction, at the same time it doesn’t add more to it. Between the unique music, the decent plot, the stylish combat and the gorgeous environments, this is a game where you should rent or buy on the cheap, and get your money’s worth. It isn’t a block buster hit and at the same time, it’s not something you should expect it should be. Maybe DontNod will bring something more to the table after this. Who knows but I will say that Remember Me is a gem you shouldn’t just fade away without giving it a chance…

I dislike numbering or scoring through such means, as I don’t feel it properly reflects the entire game, how do you effectively put a single score on a game when so much goes into making them, and when there so many integral parts that lend themselves to be liked or disliked? One game may be great in my eyes and only good in yours. Now I know the team @ ONS Gaming tries to be fair, and typically says play the game and decide for yourself, so this game really is a game that’s for that thought.

For me I’d say it’s a 7/10
or a 70/100.

It’s worth playing and there are things about this game that are worth remembering…



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