Chronicles of ONS Gaming – #1 Who’s your favorite Mario Character???




The Chronicles of ONS Gaming.

 We here at ONS Gaming want you to know that were not all one person or robots. We indeed live, breathe, and eat gaming but we’re people too. A better way to exhibit our humanism is through a process where you the viewers can get to know us better, and trust us that we want you to know us better. Some of these will be gaming related and some will not… in an effort to help paint a better picture of each of us. We will ask some of the questions but if you want something answered or maybe you want insight into what’s our favorite game or what are the games we are playing currently are, or just how our brains tick… then by all means don’t hesitate to ask!

 The first one, one of the most common question that revolves around the Mario Franchise;

What is your favorite Mario Character???

here we go, Jon your up first!-



:: Wario

I’ll admit, for the longest time I never really had a “favorite” Mario character. I thought they were all pretty neat in most aspects, with the exception of the Goombas. It wasn’t really until Mario Party and Mario Tennis where I really begun to pay attention to the different aspects of character. In Mario Kart I always picked either Mario/Luigi or Toad/Yoshi, with the rare exception of when I picked Peach. The heavier people are just too hard for me to use. However, in Mario Tennis things began to change. My dad always picked Wario, so because I admired how good my dad was at the game, I picked Wario against my friends too. We always called him a fat pig, although I guess that should be reserved more for Bowser, but he was definitely our favorite character to use.


This lead me to pick Wario in the Mario Party games, but when I thought about it even more, I remembered Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 and how much I preferred it to the other Mario games on the Game Boy Color. I guess he was just more funny and quirky, with the over the top laugh and the whole being greedy as sin thing that made his games fun for me. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way, but it’s always a joy to pick Wario in usually any Mario game where he’s a playable character. Finally including him in Smash Bros was the icing on the cake for me. IMHO, if Bowser is the best Mario villain, Wario isn’t too far behind. Is Wario my favorite character from the Mario series? Well, to quote the man himself: “Oh yes!”




:: Koopa Troopa


My favorite character in the Mario series is Koopa Troopa. I began liking him in Super Mario Kart. Everyone else would always pick a primary character so I went with Koopa. He and I won a lot of races together. Ever since then any game he is in as a playable character I choose him. I would love a spinoff where Koopa was the main character, although I know there wouldn’t be much in terms of character depth. Still my favorite.






JP here and my favorite Mario character is Bowser by far. In general I always root for the bad guy. I mean who couldn’t love a giant fire breathing turtle with spikes on their back?  The only thing that pisses me off about Bowser is somehow he constantly manages to get bested by a damn plumber [every time] I mean at this point honestly Mario’s business card must read “I’ll fix your pipes and take care of your giant fire breathing turtle infestation.” but I digress because Bowser is still one of the most bad ass Nintendo villains to date even if he is laughably underpowered.

Bowser, for US President

Bowser, for US President



My favorite character happens to be a secondary character that didn’t come about until the Super Mario World game for the SNES: YOSHI

Yoshi is my favorite character from the Mario game series universe hands down.  Ever since he was first on screen in the Super Mario World game for the Super Nintendo console I have just been attracted to Yoshi, be it the traditional Yoshi noises that brings a sense of glee to those who hear them, or the multicolored/ different colored Yoshi’s that have different and awesome abilities or just that simple fact he is based on a dinosaur! In my formative years as a wee lad, I must say I was swamped with many a dinosaur and to this day I find them fascinating. The Movies “RAPTORS” which I referred to it as, really called Carnosaur and its related series, in numerous fossil hunting discovery vids, and Jurassic Park all came about and were watched (some many, many times over) all occurred in those years.

Couple them with the fact in a game I could ride a dinosaur… how awesome is that to a kid! Very awesome. On top of the movies and being able to ride a Dino in game, there were the cartoon/series The Land Before Time, and the Dino Riders of which I was a huge child fan of. Having such a liking for dinosaurs as a kid is not uncommon and so I don’t find it strange that Yoshi is my favorite Mario character. He was also secondary always helping Mario to get to his objectives and that’s fine with me. All people dream, and not all dreams can come true without a helping hand… Only through selflessness can we achieve our own dreams.


There are many characters in the Mario universe, and just because one is your favorite doesn’t mean that the others suck or are lame. They are your favorite but just because you have that distinction don’t forget they all stem from one of the most beloved IP’s in the gaming world. And we all have that ‘I played that IP’ in common and were able to find characters we related to or enjoyed. It’s the similarities that make us human not the differences…


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