Game Perceptions: Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver



Game perceptions: Hot Wheels World’s best driver


Don’t buy this game! It’s nothing but a total train wreck. It’s rare for me to regret buying a game or dislike it so much that I literally have NOTHING good to say about it.  There is no ACTUAL races, there is no car selection for the “events” the cars they give you are terrible. the list goes on and on and on I literally don’t have a single good thing to say about this game so if you’re looking for a reason to buy this game don’t read this post. If you’re still interested in this game then wait it will be 20 bucks within two months tops.


Perception 1: Why I spent $40 on this game

So I bought this game all excited because there have been no previous hot wheels releases on the ps3, and what very little had been released about the game looked like fun, but I along with anyone else who bought this game was completely cheated out of 40 bucks! I would sooner pay 40 buck for a re-release on hot wheels stunt track driver at least that game was actually fun.


Money poorly spent for a Day 1 release…

Perception 2: Game play

My absolute biggest pet peeve with this entire game is the complete and blatant lack of RACING! 90% of the game consists of ridiculous point/time based events that are way too difficult for even me an accomplished hardcore gamer so I know kids won’t be able to play this game which is really sad given that they’re the target audience. Another terrible thing about this game is the cars have such terrible control so when you are racing (and by racing I mean chasing an identical hologram of your car that is somehow better in every way) you can’t keep your car under control very easily. The game also lacks any kind of originality in the sense that they just recycle the same 4 race types over and over in each of the four stories. another irritating thing about this game is instead of having just a normal menu screen where you select everything from, they pointlessly make you select a car from a menu screen and make you drive across the test facility to one of four buildings that represent different options then once you drive to and enter the building you want it takes you to another menu screen.


Perception 3: Audio and video

The games graphics are laughable to say the least, boasting little better then ps2 graphics yet somehow able to cause frame rate issues whenever exiting a loop. The audio isn’t much better while driving one of the “Green Teams” super cars it sounded distant and echoed giving the illusion I was somewhere far away while the test was going on as opposed to being the one driving the car. but my worst experience so far audio wise has defiantly been with the blue teams motorcycle first off just like the supercar above it just sounded terrible but on top of that the sound was completely delayed not to mention when I came to a complete stop the engine noise stopped completely as though the engine had shut off completely rather than sit there idle.


Perception 4: I think they missed their own point

So for those of you that know anything about this game you know that this is based off the live action “Team Hot Wheels” which is a team made up of four smaller teams of highly skilled drivers that excel in different areas and do all kinds of crazy things with their cars the defy physics. Now in this game they make you do a lot of the same events that the actual team hot wheels did but here’s the problem, we’re not all super skilled drivers and a lot of times I feel the game forgets that and doesn’t really supply the mechanics necessary to make you able to do some of the epic stuff its asking you to do. all in all this game wouldn’t have been so bad if they had just made the driving mechanics viable for the events you are doing, but since the cars are so un-drivable I find myself getting frustrated with it in less than an hour and quitting… it’s really a deterrent when you spend 30 minutes on any given event just to get the bronze metal.

Perception 5: Overall

Overall don’t buy this game there are plenty of other actually good hot wheels games out there (not for the ps3 unfortunately but I digress). There truly is not one thing good to be said about this game and you would be much better off spending you money on just about any other game.

A game about Hot Wheels or… 1:64 scale toy cars… that brings you about 1:64 scale amount of fun as a chunk of rock…

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