Game Perceptions: Killzone Mecenary



Game Perceptions #4

Game perception: Killzone mercenary


So this is the first of what will hopefully be many release day game perceptions. This game is very well done. In my opinion it is partially due to the fact that guerrilla games made this which if you’re unfamiliar they’re the companies responsible for the first three Killzone games, so unlike so many other portable titles it wasn’t pawned off on some other third party developer…we’re not going to talk about Killzone Liberation if any game is going to earn them redemption for that it’s this game.  With that said I’d like to jump into the rest of this game perception.


Perception 1: Graphics

The Vita still ceases to amaze me when it comes to the graphical abilities of a hand held system (now if only we could get more titles like this one). This game continues to boast the same amazing graphics we’ve come to expect from this system with only a few minor graphical issues during “game play cut scenes”. On top of having near Playstation 3 graphics it manages to keep a consistently high frames per second during game play. There’s also plenty of blood and violent melee kills to go around true to the Killzone series.


Perception 2: Game play

This game does an awesome job at incorporating the Vita’s touch screen without making it a chore like some other Vita titles. Giving you the option to turn off the touch screen controls entirely or allowing you to use the touch screen but only enough to make it interesting. Other then the added touch screen features the combat and lots of other features handle just like the other Killzone titles making perfect use of the Vita’s second analog stick. An interesting addition to the game is Blackjack’s box which allows you to buy all kinds of new guns never before seen in the Killzone series. Now time for my favorite addition to this game the VAN-guard weapons. These super weapons range from drones to shoulder mounted rocket launchers to orbital laser strikes, while these weapons do have a recharge period it is a very nice addition to the Killzone series allowing each player to tailor a custom load out to better suit there play style.


Perception 3: Multiplayer

Ok, so first off I will warn everybody I have nothing good to say about the multiplayer…. Currently nobody plays that mode (yet). Sad as it is to say the Vita isn’t as popular as I wish it was. On top of that this is only day one, so finding people to play with is a bit of a chore. Now I know that issue will get better in time so let’s move on to the things that won’t get better. The maps are entirely too small now I can’t say for certain that I played them all cause I was having issues getting into games but the ones I did play where depressingly small. Lastly, it is so bland, the maps are blah looking, the multiplayer modes are so slow paced not fitting of killzone at all, and there’s no form of vehicle combat; most first person shooters are at least trying to incorporating it into multiplayer these days.

Perception 4: Story (spoilers)

Given that this game just came out today I don’t want to give away too much about the story, however I will say that it starts out as a side story during the Vekta invasion in Killzone 1. One thing that the game did fall a little short on however was actually making me feel like a mercenary. A lot of the things your partners say and do make it seem as though you have an allegiance to the ISA and not the highest bidder. For example in the first level your partner goes off on his own to save some ISA hostages for no extra pay just cause “he can’t let that happen”. In my opinion the one thing that this game needed was a Helgast story line and an ISA story line or the ability to look at a contract and pick which side you were going to fight for before each mission. That would give me more of a true mercenary feeling but I won’t complain too much about that because that is truly the only annoyance I find I have not withstanding the multiplayer issues.


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