WHAT THE… GAMING!?: Need For Speed Undercover

WHAT THE GAMING!?: Need For Speed Undercover




So This is a new section on the website brought to you by myself, JP. In this segment I will post a screen shot of a WTF moment and write a short story about what is going on.


Today I was playing need for speed undercover on my ps3. At first glance you may think I’m driving some ridiculous super car or playing some kind of hacked version of the game, but you would be wrong. I’m not driving a Lamborghini, a Ferrari, or any other super car in fact I’m driving my favorite car of all time the Mazda rx-7. Maybe now people will see why it is my favorite car, Because it can go 453 miles per hour! …not buying it? ok what really happened was I was driving around in free roam minding my own business when all of a sudden the game glitched and I fell through the road and began falling infinitely, kind of like if you fall off the edge of the world cause everyone knows the earth is flat but I digress. luckily for me the falling speed of my car registered on the speedometer so i could take this awesome pick and btw apparently the terminal falling velocity of an rx-7 is 453 miles per hour so that is one more of life’s great mysteries solved thanks to the wonderful world of video games. all in all though that glitch ultimately worked out in my favor because I got a trophy for going over a certain speed for a set amount of time without running into anything… Yay glitch trophies! But other than that one rather amusing glitch I encountered no problems with this game so I highly recommend this very underrated game especially if you’re a fan of the need for speed underground series cause this is the closest your getting to that game this generation.


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