Zelda Week Closer: Ocarina of Time’s Temples


Finally we have come down to it the last post for the inaugural Zelda Week here for ONS Gaming. This year we chose Ocarina of Time, more specifically the kid dungeons and the first three Temples. This post was a collaborative work comprised of all four Co-founders: Tirc, Jon, JP, and B.T. We hope you enjoy this post as a well as the other Zelda posts.

Ocarina of Time

Ocarina of Time

:Kid Link Dungeons:



As child Link you encounter three dungeons. In these dungeons you will acquire the three spiritual stones which will allow you to open the Door of Time that has the Master Sword sealed in the Temple of Time. The first takes you inside of the Great Deku Tree to rid an unknown illness. The second dungeon is in Dodongo’s Cavern which is a food source for the nearby Gorons. The third and final child dungeon is inside of Lord Jabu-Jabu’s Belly to rescue Princess Ruto along with the last stone.


The dungeon within the Great Deku Tree is a great starter dungeon that is basically a tutorial into general dungeon mechanics within the game. Without too much effort you will find each of the main items within. The main item within the Deku Tree is the Fairy Slingshot which is a really fun item to use as you can shoot while targeted or use it in a free form shot. This dungeon does not feature a mini Boss as all of the other dungeons in the game do. Its boss is Queen Gohma who is classified as a Parasitic Armored Arachnid. She is stunned using the slingshot and then you attack her with your sword. A simple rinse and repeat is all that’s necessary to defeat her. You are rewarded with a heart piece (as always) and the first Spiritual Stone – Kokiri’s Emerald.

GreatDekuTree Red_Eyed_Gohma ocarina of time deku tree dungeon boss fight


Dodongo’s Cavern is the second dungeon which is a bit harder and begins to add some more puzzle elements to the standard dungeon crawl. The main item found here is the bomb bag which will contain bombs acquired throughout the game. Since you are in a cave, many of the mechanics faced will have you blowing up rocks or changing the shape of the cave with the use of bombs. Lizalfos are the mini bosses within Dodongo’s Cavern. They are pesky lizards that wield swords and jump between platforms while attempting to keep their distance from you. The boss encounter here is the Infernal Dinosaur – King Dodongo. As is the running theme in Zelda games, you utilize the dungeon’s main item in this fight. When he opens his mouth you throw a bomb in to stun him then attack with your sword. Stay out of the way of his roll mechanic and then repeat the stun and attack stage. Once you have defeated the King you are rewarded with the standard heart piece and Goron’s Ruby, the second Spiritual Stone.

editorialAxleOoTDungeonsDodongosCavern1 4_KingDodongo1_Large

The quest for the third Spiritual Stone takes you inside of Lord Jabu-Jabu’s Belly. You are sent here to rescue Princess Ruto along with attempting to acquire the third stone. Princess Ruto spends the duration of the dungeon refusing to exit. The main item re-introduces a staple in the line of Zelda games: the Boomerang. You come upon a room where Ruto finds here lost stone where you need to throw her on a platform to get it. After she picks up the stone the platform ascends into the ceiling and lowers with this dungeon’s mini boss – Big Octo who is easily defeated, but at that point the Princess is already gone. You traverse through the rest of the dungeon to encounter the boss: Bio-electric Anemone Barinade. The Boomerang is used to dispatch of many of the boss’s mechanics and is finished off with the sword. Once the fight is over you will be rewarded with, drum roll please… a heart piece!! After speaking with Princess Ruto outside, she gives you the last Spiritual Stone – Zora’s Sapphire.

Lord_Jabu-Jabu 5_Barinade01_Large

You now have what you need to proceed on in your quest. I really enjoyed the child dungeons within the Ocarina of Time. They weren’t difficult but they progressed enough to keep them interesting and to help continue in developing your skills. Now that these dungeons have been completed you can continue on your epic journey!


:Adult Link Temple: Forest:




Zelda Week, Zelda Week, how we love you so. I don’t know if anybody noticed this, but we had intentionally ignored Ocarina of Time as which game for one of us to write about. One, it’s because we’d probably argue over who got to write it, and also, because it was such a seminal game in each of our childhoods that it wouldn’t have been fair for just one of us to write about it. So instead of just one of us writing, we’re all gonna be writing about our favorite temples in Ocarina of Time. I guess I sort of cheated by picking the Forest Temple, and I’m gonna be honest, a lot of why I liked it so much was because it wasn’t as difficult as the other temples. But even if it wasn’t as easy as it was, I liked everything about it.


From the moment you walk in, you feel a sense of familiarity. The music gives off an eerie, yet strangely comforting feeling underscored by wind instruments. And in that same moment, you are attacked by two Wolfos. Oh Zelda, how we love thee. You walk through the door, and there’s another hallway. And through that hallway is the main room. One thing I liked about the Forest Temple is that you probably could have lived in it had their not have been any monsters. It was like a mansion. The two main puzzles in the temple are a block pushing puzzle, aided by arrows on the floor, and finding/defeating the Poe Sisters. Of course, as in every Zelda dungeon, the main item you find is often the one you’ll be relying on the most, and the Forest Temple’s item, the Fairy Bow, is no different. Between shooting eye switches to untwist corridors and using it to take out the Poe Sisters from a distance, you get a heavy dose of bow action right from the get go.

Forest Temple05--article_image

In addition to the temple being great, I loved the boss of the temple, Phantom Ganon. For one, they actually reused his attacks for the final Ganondorf boss fight, and he himself has become a recurring boss in later Zelda games as well. I remember the first time I fought him, I used all of my fairies because I couldn’t quite get the timing down for the game of Hot Potato you play against him. A little sad I know, but I was like eight when the game came out. When he is finally defeated, you feel a sense of accomplishment until Ganondorf tells you what a waste of a creation the Phantom was. Afterwards you are reunited with your friend Saria, who accepts her fate as the Sage of the Forest Temple, residing in the Sacred Realm until Ganondorf is defeated. The Forest Temple did it’s job well. It prepared you for the challenges that lie ahead, but was not nearly as maddening as say, the Water Temple. It was also cool to go back through Kokiri Forest as an adult, and to finally put that bastard Mido in his place. I guess if it had a flaw, it would be that it’s too easy, but then again, I always felt the Spirit Temple was a little on the easy side too. But all in all, it kicked off the real part of the action in style, and with a familiar feel, interesting scenary and puzzles that weren’t insanely difficult, it was easily my favorite temple of Ocarina of Time.

:Adult Link Temple: Fire:



JP here and now it’s my turn to talk about my favorite temple in Ocarina of time, the fire temple.


Let me start by saying I did this temple first you do not need to beat the forest temple or even have the bow before doing this temple. This temple does a great job of portraying a temple built in the heart of a volcano just by the looks and sounds you can tell it’s hot. I very much enjoyed going around freeing all the Gorons it was a nice change of pace from your typical temple where you just run around and complete puzzles.


Now let’s talk about the mini boss this is a short and very easy encounter that mimics the Morpha fight in a lot of ways just replacing water with fire. After defeating this incredibly easy mini boss however you get an awesome item the “Megaton Hammer” which in my opinion is incredibly underused after this temple. let me now point out that getting to the megaton hammer is the most annoying part of this temple. You have to hit a time switch that turns off the fire around the big chest then you have to run up a narrow spiral stair case without falling off the side into a bottomless pit. after acquiring the megaton hammer the mini boss wants his revenge before he lets you have the boss key which was fine by me cause I enjoyed the fight and it’s not like he is any threat.


Now on to the boss, Volvagia. As much fun as this fight is it’s very easy I took no damage the entire fight. The only even slightly dangerous mechanic is when he drops boulders from the ceiling so you should have no problem killing him. p.s. real gamers (like me) where the green tunic during this fight for extra fun!

Fire Medallion


:Adult Link Temple: Water:



First and for most, like almost everyone else I have to sing praise for Ocarina of Time, I thoroughly enjoyed it and while it’s not my favorite Zelda game it is a gem. It’s however not a flawless gem that can be found in Diablo or other such RPG/MMO inventories’ but it’s certainly worth many a rupee. I spent many hours on this game and had many an immersive day of Links adventures…

Water Temple

Water Temple

This… black mark on a good game, this piece of sh*t temple… This is where my major woe of this game stems from. Honestly I can’t just point at this temple as an adult link going through the world trying to rescue the cursed sleeping Sages as being the beginning. No, I have always had problems with water temples. I mesh just as well with video game water temples or dungeons just like oil meshes with water.

They mix so well :D can’t you tell?

They mix so well 😀 can’t you tell?

Realistically, most games that have a sewers level or a water dungeon they always frustrate me… Sunken Plane mini dungeon on FF7… yep tough for me…  Sewer level in Legends of Legia: Dual Saga… frustrating!  The water temple from Legends of Zelda: Link to the Past, annoying. Hey what about the Jabu-Jabu dungeon in Ocarina of Time (Water dungeon as kid link) why, dear god why!? It’s almost down right sad at how inept I am at water levels in games and not just the Zelda ones. It’s like I always find myself lost in the maze of sh*t stained goop covered walls or lock myself in a room where the only way to get out is bash my head into the wall until everything’s blank…


The Ocarina of Time water temple is the longest temple in the game, containing the most puzzles and the ever annoying raise water/lower water the levels and the equip/ de-equip iron boots rinse and repeat dozens of times action. This temple is so badly designed causing headache and frustration across the board that designer Eiji Aonuma apologized for the issues on the level in a 2009 interview, and again by Shigeru Miyamoto at E3 in 2010. They even added glowing blocks in the 3DS port to point players into the right direction…

I understand they wanted to make a long puzzling level. Some combination of length plus puzzles that would be engaging to the players while still containing some headache, but not too much to make it unbearable as they did. Even still they were far less able to not make players throw their controllers down and give up (as many of us did).  But they went a little too far and made this one way too confusing for kids, and even some adults. Typically this dungeon takes the average person (and I’m guessing from just asking a few people) but around an hour to three hours with or respectively without help to get through this dungeon compared to the twenty five to forty five minutes it takes to get through the other dungeons.

o.< mommy?

o.< mommy?

However my, first play through this game I got stuck (surprise, surprise) in this temple with a guide… Yeah I know… sad.

The required Ice Cavern mini dungeon/instance prior to playing the Water Temple wasn’t horrible and was engaging so I thought that the temple itself would be well fun yet still trying like the others previous.  But, no it’s downright trickery or just plain dirty. The raising or lowering water levels is a common theme among Water dungeons. It makes them the longest and increases their maze puzzle like qualities. And I just wish they would cease to exist!

With the guide I got half way through the dungeon at a snail’s pace without confusion but it couldn’t be that difficult right… right? Unfortunately it was a time when I was young and guides were primarily still majority text and not images. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Official Prima Strategy guide had half text, half images and included simple maps, a new era in guides was slowly dawning upon us gamers. And while I own a copy at the time of the first play through I didn’t have it I was using a simple text guide.


A guide however is still a guide whether images, speech, text, or video. So one would, could or should think I had a one up against this temple. However be that as it may this temple somehow still confused me and my problems began. Now I know what most of you are saying, with hindsight or simple logic clarity of an adult or a learned scholar/student. But B.T if you were lost why didn’t you just got to the rooms you had yet to visit!?

Can't get into the rooms, why!?

Can’t get into the rooms, why!?

Alas dear friends if it were only so. That in lies the problem of this damned infernal (yes a place of water can be infernal) temple, there were no clear concise way to get to the rooms. On top of being lost, confused, alone and scared in this dripping hell hole I ran out of arrows… and just about everything else to be out of as well. So when I found a locked room and I had one mini key left I unlocked it thinking everything was going to be ‘a-okay’.

Then I was dealt the final infuriating blow. I had unlocked the room out of order and was now stuck. Of course my young brain couldn’t take it anymore so I rage quit hard. I went out and bought the Prima strategy guide to beat this temple because of this. Even with the new guide with pictures and shiny maps and better concise wording I had to play hours and do everything “over” again starting at step one until I finally got to where I had to go to get the last mini key to unlock the last door so I could fight the mini boss to move the hell on.

The end?

The end?

The only two things I like about this temple is the song: Serenade of Water and the mini boss fight: dark or shadow Link. The boss fight itself wasn’t as hard as the rest of the dungeon and by using the longshot and slashing the hell out of it in a mad rage that this temple brings you; it’s over after about seven strikes. This is hardly enough to relinquish your hate. You’ll end up going through the rest of the game in a semi-rage state unless you put the game down for a time.


Congratulations, I finally got the water medallion, awakened Princess Ruto as the Sage and I can carry on my quest… Hopefully you’ll will remember to watch your mini keys and tread slowly through the hell of a temple that is the Water Temple next time. Or else…


That wraps it up for the final post here for Zelda week, I hope this was an entertaining adventure for you as it was for us here @ ONS Gaming.   We all would like to see you all return on a daily basis as we get back into other games and game series and always if you like our content don’t forget to follow us/like us here at the site… like us on Facebook and follow on twitter to show your support and eagerness for more.

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions or for reviews/thoughts/rants on a particular game, or series of games!


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  2. I’m impressed, I have to admit. Rarely do I encounter a blog that’s both
    equally educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head.
    The issue is something that not enough folks are speaking intelligently about.
    Now i’m very happy I found this during my hunt for something relating to this.

    • We here at ONS Gaming would agree. Ocarina of Time set the bar high not only as an action rpg game, but surprisingly as an n64 game. As a Zelda game it set the bar too high and may not have been beaten yet as a lot of the games go by the standard it set but have yet to break it. It was such a success that they made Majoras Mask, which original was going to be a side quest in OoT…

  3. O.O I love it!!! The kid dungeons were fun and for a poor useless gamer as myself when it comes to not getting frustrated… They were the best. The forest temple got me turned around more than once but it too was fun and relatively easy….. The fire temple and I agree until the fetching of the hammer. 4 hours of my life because i have no skill. I had thought to try fighting the boss in the green tunic but knowing i lack true gamer skill it never happened. I should now that i’m older… yeah no still fighting volvagia in red. The water temple…. I never played through and there is a reason. My brother hated not being able to do something himself so after 32 hours of cursing and growling he was in my doorway tossing a stragety guide into my lap and begging me to read and guide him through the temple. As soon as I reached the water temple he would hand me the guide and take my controller. Which was a good thing or we would have lost the tv. All in all. You guys are awesome for taking a child hood memory and sitting down to share. Keep it up.
    -resumes usual stalking-

    • We thank you for enjoying our post, 😀 the kid dungeons were fun, and the temples were all trying in their own way and yet were fun or creative. As for trying to be a ‘real’ gamer and set yourself up different rules or limitations you don’t need to do that to be a real gamer though the concept is fun and entertaining, it can make decent games good in that own persona’s context. Many people hate not being able to figure a game out on their own. Games aren’t or shouldn’t be so hard that it REQUIRES a guide to beat the basics of the game, to find every last item sure but not the main game. As for sharing our childhood memories and our opinions were always welcome and glad someone likes and enjoys what we have to say be it informative or entertaining 😀

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