Zelda Week: Princess Zelda, the Hero of Time…

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Princess Zelda, the Hero…

Time for crazy out of the box thought provoking time… Princess Zelda is the hero of time. Maybe… Why? Why not.

  • ·         It has been speculated that Princess Zelda’s element as a Sage is time.
  • ·         Zelda is the last descendant of a Sage in the Link to the Past game to be sent to the Dark World.
  • ·         Being of royal blood and therefore a Princess, Zelda is unable to leave the Castle (go against her duties) to save the world. She uses a (place holder) i.e Link as a messenger/champion.
  • ·         Zelda sends Link on many a quest.
  • ·         Zelda is the true holder of the Ocarina of time.
  • ·         Not only the holder of the Ocarina, she is also the holder of the Triforce of Wisdom. Zelda has almost mystical powers outside of the Triforce due to her bloodline. She is a visionary and has even broken the Triforce piece up into multiple pieces!
  • ·         In the very first game, Zelda is imprisoned and uses Link as a vessel to do her bidding, (a common theme among the games)
  • ·         Zelda in Link to the Past telepathically seeks someone who can help her; Both Link and his Uncle hear said telepathic call.


Though even with all that it’s hard to tell if she IS the Hero of Time or just someone in the know, however Link is nothing as the hero of time but ultimately an errand boy of the Princess. The Sages in the earlier games are the ones that defeat the evil (Ganon) in the end.


Without Zelda, Link may never have done the things he does. She’s part mentor, part call to action, and part love interest. Interestingly enough that’s three parts, just like the Triforce. Whereas Link is a blank every man hero (who is gender ambiguous enough that girls can play as and not feel like they are forced to be some uber masculine image that isn’t realistic or biased). Blank… Blank like an npc that’s not interesting.


One of the big points not listed is the simple fact the game series title hints at this: the Legend of Zelda. It’s not titled the legend of Link, and most of the time doesn’t even mention him. It’s through Zelda’s actions and sacrifices that ‘Link’ can go around and get pieces of the Triforce or save the Sages from a curse.


Without Zelda Link may never have left his Uncles house, or went on the quest in the first place to save her and the land of Hyrule. Without her Link would have never fulfilled his quest. Link would have not defeated Ganon,  and without her the sages would be six and not seven and would not have been able to seal away Ganon.

Princess Zelda is so integral to the game and world that the games that don’t mention her kind of feel off. Those games are still really enjoyable though…

Bulletproof Hero of Time

Bulletproof Hero of Time

The reality of it all is that it’s very much like Bulletproof Monk (which is a good movie regardless of what Jon says!!!).  Without Link, Zelda would be trapped in a harder place or outright remain imprisoned or captured. Both Zelda and Link are a necessity to save the world (excluding the games that hardly mention her). They are both sides to the coin that is the savior of the land of Hyrule.


Though it’s kind of interesting to think about it though,


 And would give young girls a reason to play good games…

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