Zelda Week: Twilight Princess




Zelda Week: The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess



First off I just want to welcome everyone to Zelda week here on! This post while for Zelda week is going to be formatted like a game perception post (like it check out more on our site!), but it is going to be slightly different from my previous posts. Instead of doing an overall look at the game I’m going to break it down temple by temple just cause there is so much to do in this game, with that said I hope you enjoy!


Perception 1: Twilight

Okay so I know this isn’t a “temple”, but I want to at least touch briefly on this subject cause this was the only part of the game that really annoyed me. Before entering each of the first three temples you were forced to first liberate that respective zone from the twilight. This is a nice shiny new mechanic to the Zelda series, However it gets repetitive quick. The first time you liberate an area it’s not so bad, just run around, hunt down the bugs, kill them and return all the tears to the spirit. The annoying part comes the second, third, and fourth times you have to do it, because it’s the same thing over and over. In my Opinion they should have made you have to do at least something slightly different in each area to liberate it. But I digress because luckily you only need to do this four times near the beginning of the game then the game moves on.

Perception 2: Forest temple

This temple does a good job at giving you that alone in the woods feelings, while not anywhere near as creepy as the forest temple in ocarina of time I feel this temple does a better job at giving you a “forest” temple feeling. One thing I did notice however is that the objective in this temple was very similar to the objective of the fire temple in OOT, however instead of rescuing Gorons you’re rescuing monkeys. now on to the mini boss and feature item in this temple. the mini boss in this temple is one of my favorite mini bosses in the Zelda series, but who wouldn’t love knocking down a baboon and literally kicking his ass. once you beat him you get, in my opinion the coolest boomerang to date in the Zelda series the “Gale Boomerang”. I love targeting multiple enemies and throwing a tornado at them! now time for my two biggest complaints about this temple fist is the boss. The boss fight itself is pretty fun but it is far too easy. Now I do understand that it is the first boss fight but that’s no excuse for it being this easy. You can almost take no damage the entire fight just by standing in the back of the room. second and this is an issue that spans the whole game, WHERE ARE THE DEKUS!? the entire game lacks the existence of the Deku. Personally I feel as though you should have been rescuing Dekus instead of monkeys. I mean honestly since when have monkeys played any key role in any Zelda game?

Perception 3: Goron Mines

This temple is a lot of fun and puts an entirely new spin on the iron boots. In past games the iron boots only real function was to allow you to sink and walk on the ground under water, but in this temple after unlocking the iron boots you can walk up magnetic walls, or walk across the ceiling, or even be picked up by an electro magnet and taken to another location within the temple. The mini boss in this temple is a lot of fun once again making good use of the iron boots as you have to catch the giant goron and throw him into the lava. Now let’s talk about what could possibly be the most bad ass looking boss in the whole series “Fyrus”. Fyrus is a giant flaming shadow with chains draping down from his broken restraints. Not to mention he’s an absolute power house with flame breathe and an explosion attack, however sad to say this boss is a really easy kill because his weak spot is always exposed, and it’s on the top of his head so it’s always facing you. Even with that minor issue you still feel like you took down a titan when you do finally beat him.


Perception 4: Lakebed Temple

First let me start by saying the story between the second temple and this temple is your classic Zora story. You have to thaw there domain and rescue the royal child. This temple I found to be very boring it was your typical blah water temple just like in every other freaking Zelda game. just like every other water temple its full off useless enemies, endless swimming, and empty rooms you need to fill with water. The mini boss has got to be the sorriest excuse for a mini boss ever. This fight was literally so stupid that it was funny his two attacks are a belly flop and sending tadpoles to attack you, and his weak point is his tongue. At least once you kill him though and pick your jaw up off the ground from the ridiculousness of the fight you get the claw shot! ok so let’s talk about the boss itself the first phase steals many mechanics from the Morpha fight in Ocarina of time use the claw shot to grab the eye and whack it with your sword  the second phase is a little more active with having to chase the boss around but as per usual with this game so far the boss is depressingly easy, however once you beat it you can finally celebrate beating the no originality temple… I mean the lakebed temple!

Perception 5: Arbiter’s Grounds

So now Midna decides to tell us she also needs the twilight mirror… greedy bitch, but anyway I enjoyed this temple a lot. It had a very “cursed pyramid” feel to it. About the only thing I didn’t like about this temple was how they strait up took the poe mechanic from the forest temple in OOT. now I’m going to quickly move on to the mini boss. he looks freaking awesome and his movements are very fluid just like what you would expect from a phantom warrior. The fight itself is a lot of fun, and actually I wish they would have had four of these things steal the flames instead of the poes, but I digress. After killing the mini Boss you get what I think is the most awesome item in the entire Zelda series, the spinner. The spinner allows you to ride along rails and reach previously unreachable heights. This is a lot of fun because sometimes you have to jump back and forth between rails as well as use the rails as ramps to jump across rooms. For the first time in this game the boss actually has semi difficult mechanics that could get rather irritating, but with that aside I love this boss fight. Almost the entire fight you’re on the spinner first destroying his spine then smacking his face ahhh good times. The best part is no recycled mechanics! This fight is only the second boss fight in the game to be pretty much completely original! after defeating him you get to watch a really awesome cut scene that’s much darker than any seen in previous Zelda titles but I won’t go into to detail.


Perception 6: Snowpeak Ruins

This temple is very unique in many ways. First off its a mansion, not something you usually see in Zelda titles. Secondly there are no recovery hearts throughout the entire dungeon with the exception of a bunch that the last boss drops once defeated, this is probably due to the fact that you have access to an unlimited amount of healing soup in the kitchen. thirdly instead of a Big key it is a “bedroom key” because the mansion owners locked the mirror shard away in their bedroom. Fourthly there are chests in the temple that have “ingredients” in them that progressively make the free soup restore more health. Fifth instead of having you blow up obstacles with bombs like in every other dungeon you get to shoot them with freaking cannons or smash them with a giant flail! Now on to the bad (sad face) the mini boss is terrible its exactly like the mini boss that’s guarding the imprisoned princess Zelda in the beginning of “a link to the past” except this time you need to use your claw shot, However upon its defeat you get to keep its flail the “ball and Chain” which is a pretty cool item. the boss fight for this temple is really lame the mechanics are strait up boring and irritating, and the boss just looks stupid. But whatever you’re one mirror shard closer to Zant.

Perception 7: Temple of time

Only one word needed, BORING! This temple is so boring, and generic , and blah looking. It took me three days to beat this temple just cause I couldn’t stand to play it for any extended period of time. Another thing I noticed is that this temple has pretty much the same exact enemies as Dodongo’s cavern just inside a temple instead of a cave. Thank god for the refreshing difficulty of the mini boss who happens to be harder than the first three main bosses combined. the dungeon item the “Dominion rod” has the potential to be an awesome item but in the end just caused there to be more irritating puzzles. the temple boss has a lot of identical mechanics to Queen Gohma in OOT but I guess in this one instance it’s okay because this boss is supposed to be an adaptation of Queen Gohma. This is also one of the few times the Dominion rod is used for something awesome, for you must use it to make a giant statue pound down on the boss while it is stunned on the floor.


Perception 8: City in the Sky

Like the Snowpeak Ruins this temple is very unique. unlike other temples you can’t just walk to it. Instead you must repair a giant cannon and get shot out of it up to the temple. This temple is the home of the ooccoo and has been overrun with enemies, so obviously you’re going to help them.  The mini boss isn’t anything spectacular in fact you fight the same exact enemy later on in the same temple it just has a lot less health. To make matters worse the item you get for beating it is just a double claw shot which isn’t really a bad thing but in skyward Sword you have the functionality of the double claw shot even though you only have one. so I just feel like this was a cheap way out of having to make another dungeon item. The boss looks cool and the mechanics aren’t really taken from another boss but it’s something we’ve already done before. Put on your iron boots so wind gusts don’t knock you off the side and use your double claw shot to climb the towers then claw shot the boss and attack. the first phase is really annoying cause it’s pretty much just a waiting game until he does the one attack where he leaves himself venerable. The Second phase gets annoying as well because once you reach the top of the tower you have to repetitively claw shot in a circle while he slowly spins in the center until you reach his back where you can finally claw shot him and attack his weak spot with your sword. now you finally have all the mirror shards and can now go after zant!


Perception 9: Palace of Twilight

There’s not much to be said on this temple most of the temple I felt like I was less in a Zelda game and more inside a star ship from star wars, which I guess was ok since you’re no longer in Hyrule. the mini boss is really annoying and must be fought twice. He teleports around the room several time till he finally comes to rest to make a portal that summons more enemies to fight. He is only venerable while he is opening the portal or while it is open and can only be hit once before he starts teleporting around again. Once you defeat him it’s not over yet because later on in the temple you have to fight him a second time. The next part gets more annoying after killing this guy twice there is no dungeon item, however later in the dungeon you do get a small master sword upgrade that I guess makes up for that but not really. The boss is literally just recycled mechanics from other bosses and mini bosses earlier in the game with a few minor changes. They don’t even try and hide it cause Zant changes the room to imitate the room of the boss mechanic he’s stealing. The only part of this fight that’s original is the last phase where it’s like a strait up sword fight between link and Zant. After defeating him there is a pretty cool cut scene where Midna loses control and gets very violent, but I won’t say anymore on that.

Perception 10: Hyrule Castle

This Dungeon is actually surprisingly short, however the game developers did a great job at capturing the severity of this dungeon with use of things like the rain, the lighting inside and outside the castle, and the updated version of the classic Hyrule castle song. now on to the actual Ganondorf. This fight is broken up into four phases that are completely different from the previous phase. “Most” of the phases barrow at least one mechanic from a previous Ganondorf fight, but like I said earlier with the armogomah fight it’s okay in this case because this is just another adaptation of Ganondorf. All together though it really shows just how powerful Ganon is, and You truly get a sense of accomplishment once he is defeated. after his defeat it leads up to a very satisfying ending cut scene which is broken up into parts in the middle of the credits. When watching the cut scene I had truly felt as though I had actually not only saved Hyrule but the world of the twilight as well.


Perception 11: Overall

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this game. Easily landing in my top 3 Zelda games. It’s rare now a days to get a game that is long enough to actually be worth what you paid for it, but this game is one of the few exceptions to that rule. It looks great, it’s a lot of fun, and will keep you entertained for a long time. Even with all I’ve talked about in this post I barley even scratched the surface of what there is to do in this game.


“The “Door of Time” which protects the entrance to the sacred realm is hidden within”


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