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Real Serious Reviews is a new segment for real reviews something we on ONS Gaming haven’t truly done. Lets get too it.


Mario Party 9


A while back Jon and I did a Game Perceptions on Mario Party 8, and honestly both our opinions on that game still stand at don’t play it. For the $45.00 MP8 cost me I was able to return and get MP9. Again Jon and I went through and played portions of the game and this time I want to say we were split on this game so I will give my review on this game in a serious review format.

Yes a ‘Real Serious Review’.



Originally when I was looking at Mario Party 9 in stores I was dreading the day I would have to write anything on it. After having played it a few times both with others and solo I have found that compared to Mario Party 8 it’s a step in the right direction. While Jon hated the new cart mechanic that everyone shared I didn’t find it to be such an issue. Teams still existed and you still have that competition even within teams during the mini games.

Various Carts

Various Carts

Now it’s that the goals focused to gather mini stars as a team instead of getting stars to become the superstar (singular) in previous games. Now you have to get mini stars back from Bowser while the Npc/players (that are on Bowser’s side) are trying to collect them and give them to Bowser. Ultimately you still have a super star but the players also have that yes we as a team win ultimately.


I understand the cart and its importance, as this game tries to include RPG elements such as including boss battles, and events for only the leader. But in an effort to make balanced play. The leader or ‘Captain’ title goes to a different player every round in a revolving unbiased clock order. With this revolution the game therefore includes even more strategy.

Boss Battle

Boss Battle

You can unwisely use the various dice blocks in the game to make yourself land on a space that will incur you some suffering; such as returning you to previous spot before or by getting ztars which are just nega-stars. On the same note you can use those blocks strategically (i.e wisely) and put yourself in a place to gather bank or mini stars, sometimes both. For whatever reason the computer just seems hell bent to hit the space that makes all the mini stars on the map to become ztars. Why I don’t know… sometimes because I think the A.I  is just a moron. And then other times they are just being morons.



This game has many new minigames and I liked that they changed them. It becomes hard to have competitive play on Mario Party 1/2/3 because I’ve played them all so much. Some of the controls for this one are better than in Mario Party 8 but still pidgin holing to the Wii remote kind of limits some of the fun as a few minigames are still unbearable or immensely hard where as if we had a traditional controller more fun and replay could be had.


I have a few nitpicks but over all I like this one, I know kind of hard to believe compared to how hard I hate on Mario Party 8(: Just don’t Play it!) but seriously a game can’t always be the same and while a lot of people say C.O.D games are the same, I can honestly tell that they haven’t played them by that simple statement. However that’s a rant for another time though and with Mario Party 9 I like some of the changes, but they could have made the game like the previous ones as far as everyone walking separately or hell… having vehicles separate or via the teams overall goal and still kept in the RPG-esque elements, and even added in more competitive increasing or team increasing items.

I guess we’ll just have to wait till Mario Party 10 comes out.


All and All I give this game a: Play the game for yourself and see how you like it!


mini star

4 mini stars / 5 mini stars

  OR a 78/100.


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