Game Perceptions: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon



Game Perception: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon



Let me start by saying this game is totally worth the $15.00 on psn or the 1200 Microsoft points on the Xbox market. the mechanics are a carbon copy of Far Cry 3 which makes it easy to jump right in. While (obviously) much Shorter than the actual Far Cry 3, blood dragon doesn’t fall short at all with its hilarious events and constant 80’s references I was never bored and was easily able to play the game strait through.

Perception 1: Visuals

With vibrant neon colors everywhere you turn the visuals in this game look like an absolute acid trip, however in a game like this it’s actually a good thing, because the whole point of this game was to make a modern 80’s style video game which in my opinion they did an excellent job. The cut scenes where mostly still frames with (hilarious) voice over but the G.I. Joe art style had me giggling. The actual graphics where amazing which is exactly what we expect to see from the Far Cry series at this point (they kind of did them self in by setting the graphics bar so high with Far Cry 3 haha.)


Perception 2: Game Play

This game is literally a giant Easter egg, with a different 80’s reference around every corner anyone that knows anything about the 80’s will be rolling the entire time. Now let’s talk about the more serious part of the game. The mechanics are an exact copy of the mechanics in Far Cry 3, with the exception of a few mechanics that were removed such as the crafting mechanic. Normally this would be a bad thing but since this is supposed to be a Far Cry spin off it is actually a good thing the mechanics are the same cause it makes it easy for anyone that has played Far Cry 3 to jump right in, however if you haven’t played Far Cry 3 there is a very in depth tutorial on the first level with pop up after pop up of the most ridiculous tutorials you’ve ever seen, you’ll be laughing in the first few moments of game play.


Perception 3: Acid Trip Induced games

So have you ever played a game and your first thought was I swear the game developers must be smoking crack? Well my first thought on this game was “I swear these game devs must be on acid.” But it worked for them so I can’t complain. I mean honestly who comes up with a neon colored dragon that breaths lasers?

Perception 4: story (Spoilers)

First off I need to mention that this game is supposed to be every stereotypical  1980’s vision of 2007 combined into one game. The game developers did an awesome job at this with references to aliens, predator, ninja turtles, Indiana Jones, the list goes on, however there was one minor thing that pissed me off, but it wasn’t till the very end of the game. At the very end of the game you never actually get to fight the main antagonist. Once you reach the main antagonist it cuts to a cut scene and that is where you kill him, but that was the only thing out of the entire game that bothered me.     Image


“Amazing game reviews from The ONS Gaming, man I love 2007.”


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