What’s Around the Back #1 – Fatal Frame



     Greetings and salutations, all who wander here, I [Ame] am proudly your host for the first on a new segment from (DPG) ONS Gaming: ‘What’s around the back’ and we are kick off with the game that has cost me more hours of my life than I care to admit. Since I have only managed to complete the first one all the way through we will use the first. Here it is: Fatal Frame.
       Fatal Frame is a survival horror game created by Tecmo. In Europe it goes by the name Project Zero, and just ‘Zero’ in Japan. Originally the game came to the US in March 4th 2002 for thePs2 and on November 22nd of the same year for the Xbox. It has since been ported to the Ps3.
      Now for those who have never heard of it or played it let me set the scene…
     You start out playing as a dainty little girl named Miku Hinasaki. She has entered the ancient and haunted Himuro manor looking for her brother who has gone missing. [I will touch on the points of this game that annoy me near the end]. So you enter this game with literally no weapons of use to you all you have is a flashlight and as you will notice upon moving you can see flashbacks or rather echoes of the past. This occurs progressively more frequent as the game goes on.
     Your first task is to locate something your dearly beloved brother had been carrying with him. But first some back story, Miku (you) has been able to see ghosts just like your dear brother. Your mother owned an old camera she could photograph spirits with and be able to see them. The Camera Obscura, of which at this point little about the camera in ways of back story or info is given at this point.
      When you do locate the camera Obscura and pick it up for the first time. You do learn two things. The first being that Camera film is your friend; in the game its considered ammo as the camera is the only weapon in this game. The second note is that not all ghosts are hidden or just passing by. You will face your first combat. Now I must be honest most people get an item and read how to use it however I’m not that wise and I just lack the patience.
      Through trial and error I learned and let me say that it is not the way to learn to play this game. Your first ‘battle’ is very quick and really easy. Now you can get three types of film: Type 7 is the weakest of the three and it’s just like throwing toothpicks at an angry dog. Type 14 is a little easier on the reload but it upgrades you from tooth picks to pebbles. Type 90 is your best but in that it’s best to save for ‘boss fights’… as it does hit hard but you don’t exactly find a ton of it throughout the game either.
This game is an intriguing one for the horror survival genre and anyone who likes such games should at least try one of the four games.
     Alright so What I like about this game. It’s fast paced and the longer you play it the more it becomes addicting. There are tons of upgrades and things to ‘upgrade’ the Camera Obscura to your playing style. My favorite this is to always freeze or slow everything and then hit them hard with the bright red fatal frame every time.
     I cannot play this game in the dark unless I’m playing in a group. And so you know I don’t scare easily as horror genre is my favored genre in games and movies. But this game can and does and because it can scary me it just makes this game that much better for me.
    Overall the games music and storyline are just amazing alongside that scary factor I guess I just feel more incorporated into the game there’s more at stake and more entertainment to be had… Even still there are things I don’t like about it.
    The characters do not run for crackers or cash. It’s a slow prissy run that really annoys me. Like really, really annoys me especially when I am out of fighting film and I am frantically trying to escape with my life… only that I end up frolicking through a field of Elysium with blue lanterns because I have died.
Another thing I hate is that both Miku and her brother can see spirits and their mother who did as well committed suicide because of that ability so why in good g*ds name are they exploring a haunted mansion? I understand that the brother is in the haunted mansion due to research but still it’s just… so not smart!
[Yes asking for a bit of realism in a game, shocker..!]
The last part that I hate on this game is personal and nothing really against the game it maybe a unique thing but still I hate it… All I am willing to say is that don’t pause the game and leave to say cook dinner and especially not if you have been playing for a while and are alone in a dark house.
I, would like to thank you for reading this post, if you liked it bookmark this blog and check out some of the other posts. If you really like it Request more reviews and thoughts by the Guys of (DPG) ONS Gaming as well as by Me and maybe I’ll be back 😀 but for now Keep gaming!
– Ame————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————

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