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B.T. here, again coming out with a new segment. Now I know we have been rolling out several segments in the last month. We are just starting up and as sure as the sun will set and rise we will continue adding in segments and filling in those segments in all due time. Today I would like to introduce a segment I call Indie Corner: Game & Review. This is a little segment where we here at (DPG) ONS Gaming that we can talk about indie games, small projects that many people may over look, but not all.

Every once and awhile we stumble upon a worthy independent developed game that’s worth our time. These games aren’t just playable but are actually fun and worth the money and the support they require. Most people love a good underdog story and these companies are always the underdog. Don’t believe me? The hero in movies and stories are often the underdog, great championships in the sports worlds are often seen between the odds on favorite and an underdog. Not always do those underdogs in every world win but when they do even we as everyday people can feel some pride. Someone made it…
In terms of the gaming industry we as gamers would like to make it if we could. Many of us are afraid to try or step out of the box to get it done.  Some of us just don’t know the pressures or the pains that must be dealt with to succeed. I can say myself that it is an immeasurable battle that can only be won with perseverance and a passion.
Even while good games from Indie game companies are rare they do exist. They are out there and they… they need our support as they are trying to make it. Just like we here at (DPG) ONS Gaming are trying to make it as an entertainment hub for gaming. Just like we need buzz, help, and fan support so do these game companies and their games.  I speak on why I find it important another day but for now I would like to invite you to read this first, on this segment…
Today we will be looking at a game by Greenheart Games, specifically their first:  Game Dev Tycoon.
  Greenheart Games was founded in July 2012 but two brothers who held a mission to make games that are less social than today’s social games. That’s right their first game is a single player tycoon name… as the name suggest about game development.  Now while their first game is a diamond in the rough it is very enjoyable as it sits. With support they can polish what is already addicting game.
Game Dev Tycoon; allows the player to start off in the 80’s with their own small game company trying to make it big. So we as gamers can finally put to the test the ‘If it was my game’ or the ‘with a bigger budget this game could have been better’ statements we have made. Want to make a sequel to a game that was never made or not properly made? Well now in a way you can. While playing the game we can see if even in only a fraction of how much work goes into a game.
Of that we can see more on games, we get to learn things that we have taken for granted and even the way gaming use to be before our times or back in our nostalgic days of yore [for some of us]. One of the key game elements is that of the real gaming trifecta known as Storyline, Graphics & Sound, and Gameplay. The three major components to a game whether they be great or pieces of garbage. While the game is simplistic in its approach on the trifecta it does require a fair balancing act just like real games do to make great games.
Later in the game it will require you to rely on research and the skills garnered to make new and better games and game engines. Adjusting the three major components and adding in items garnered by research will cost more but the outcome will become potentially speaking: greater. Now while the game is simplistic and you don’t see the games you make per say a person’s imagination can carry the images specially since you can name the games.
Later in the game your company can expand, and you can begin to make huge projects that require more employees and can become played worldwide. These larger projects require the tasks to be split up evenly just like before so no one person can do it all on bigger games. Splitting the trifecta up between employees allow more choices to be made as well pull into the real life balancing act of directing a team.
I cannot stress this enough this game is addictive, fun and you can learn about gaming history as events in the main story which runs 30 years long. Now these events were as they were in real life while the names were changed for obvious trademark reasons it’s still fascinating. And while the game may only be 30 years (still long enough) you can always continue after. The gameplay is easily learned and understood and the tutorials are not hours long and I like that about this game.
Its graphics and sounds are as well simplistic but they tie-in to the games and its charming appeal. Most hardcore gamers and game purists will know and understand that shiny graphics and over the top ambiance does not make a great game but the overall usage of the trifecta and how the game is presented as a whole.
Greenheart Games makes an effort to make this game enjoyable by offering free updates to fix issues (any that maybe found). While many bigger companies do this they also have a large staff that’s typically in charge of this, or is able to focus on that so it is nice to see an Indie developer to put that much more extra in.
Most people would think a game as amusing and entertaining as this would be cost them $20.00 but not so… Well then what about $15.00? Wrong yet again. $10.00!? Nope. Now I know what you’re thinking…”If it’s not 20, 15, or 10 maybe its higher maybe it’s more like $25.00?” And again you would be incorrect. At the time of this writing GHG is charging $7.99 ($8.00) in US dollars. You can pick up this gem from their website or from the Windows store. Not sure you want to buy? Download a trial version!
To recap Game Dev Tycoon is a great Indie game and we here at (DPG) ONS Gaming fully support Greenheart Games. So please continue to support us and show some support for them and visit them at:
I have as of this post played this game for: 50+ mins.
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